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Calva Maintenance is Exciting!

The following is my report for the May - June, 2023 period of Clojurists Together long term sponsoring.

As usual, the bulk of my open source energy is poured into Calva, a Clojure/ClojureScript/ClojureCLR/ClojureDart/Babashka/nbb/Joyride/etcetera development environment that takes Interactive Programming seriously.

I also got to contribute to Clojure related starter projects + was interviewed for Flexiana’s new Clojure Corner series: Clojure Corner with Peter Strömberg


Over at Twitter someone asked me if I was up to something exciting. Implicitly wondering if Calva was about to get some cool new big thing (I think). My answer was that it is mostly about maintenance currently. However,

I find Calva maintenance exciting!

Maintenance has many aspects. Is the documentation helpful? Are there bugs that create that extra friction making them priority? Is there some feature that could be made more powerful with some change? What about some new feature I feel curious about and that I can finish with one or two late night hacking sessions? The best part: I get to talk to Calva users and consider their feedback, questions and suggestions.

Here’s a summary of Calva maintenance May + June 2023. I’m including some of the rationales, to give you a feel for how we reason when maintaining Calva. Wall of text:

Starter projects

I am a big fan of small starter projects. They can load a lot of experimentation and failure experience into a simple and approachable package that is easy for beginners and non-beginners alike to pick up and use. Hopefully for a quicker and smoother experience than the starter project creator had. Hereby I am encouraging you all to consider this when you have experimented with some tech stack, or tech stack component. It is my experience that I learn better from creating them as well. Both by the activity of structuring the project and writing the README in a way that I can hope is understandable, and from the feedback and contributions I get from others trying to use my project.

Anyway. This period around I created one new starter project and gave some love to an old and still popular one.

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