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Empathy at work

Viktor E. Frankl says: "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Empathy @ Work workshop is focused on exploring what happens in that space and to learn to regain the consciousness of the choice we always have.

The space is where we can explore what is truly true, what is happening within me - learning to connect to self and to listen to oneself to understand what is important to us and what drives us forward. Then, in the choice, we can learn to make a conscious decision whether to listen to the other emphatically or to express ourselves in a way that maximises the odds to stay in connection with the other.

Studies (Nicole Forsgren, Brené Brown, Project Aristotle, etc) tell that trustful relationships have strong positive correlation to organisational performance. And that trust is built in the smallest of moments through paying attention, listening and gestures of genuine care and connection. Empathy @ Work, based heavily on NVC, is a way to build trustful relationships and meaningful conversations and in that, does have strong positive (yet, second order) correlation to organisational performance.

The core learning I want to convey is to be inspired to speak the most truth I have access to with the most care I have capacity for. Because that does take individuals, teams and organisations forward.

17:30 - We open the doors. Pre mingling and snacks + beverages

18:00 - The presentation start “Empathy at Work”

20:00 - After mingling.

Where: Agical, at Västerlångg. 79 2 tr

When: 2023-01-19 Kl 17:30

RSVP: empathy@agical.se