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A self directing internship - and how I learn to code again - part 1

“I want to code again. I want to do hands-on analytics work in a data/dev team.”

About 5 years ago, I started to talk like this with friends.

At that point in life, a single parent with two kids and all, there wasn’t really any space to follow up on that idea. Though I more often was responsible for data analytics and BI products, and working closer together with analysts and data scientists.

One hot summer day I suddenly found myself scripting some Python code in a Jupyter notebook with Pandas, to explore some traffic data in our product. I had asked one of the data scientists on the team what he was working with when he demo:ed the result of a traffic measurement analysis . “That looks interesting, what is it?” I asked. “Jupyter Notebook”, he replied. “Would you like to help me set it up when we have a bit of time? So I can try it myself.” I asked. Thank you Johan!

It was that easy. I just had to ask.

Writing this post, I found my first simple notebook and lines of Python. My version of “Hello world” :-)

In parallel with my position as a product owner, I signed up for an online program in foundational Data Science. By recommendation from a data scientist in my team. Not surprisingly, I found I had to repeat some math first. So I started to re-study the basics of calculus on the really nice Swedish Math site matteboken.se and some YouTube classes performed by people who know how to teach math. Then I started to work on the course.

At this time, I also started to say yes to some opportunities at our team days at Agical (my consultant company) to learn some web development again. We needed more people able to update the web site, so I learned the basics of the Hugo site generator by sitting next to some fantastic devs now and then. (@pappapez, @johlrogge, thank you!). Learning by osmosis really does work! Before I knew it I had committed a small update to our website.

My first advice to any of you reading this, who also caught this bug of changing direction:

After studying at least a half day a week for a while, I wanted to practice, for real. With a real product. I will share about that in the next post within a week or so. Where I will tell you about my internship at Nepa, how I got it and some more tips on how to direct yourself on the path of learning.

Part 2 - A self directing internship - and how I learn to code again


YouTube Math classes and other resources

Some inspiring teachers and resources I found during my Math repetitions:

Data Science Learning Resources - that sticks

There are tons and tons of Data Science and analytics material out there. Here are some I found better and more pedagogical, than others.