A few words from Agical

A Calva workflow for quil drawing

Quil is a Clojure and ClojureScript wrapper around Processing. Quil takes learning how to code within the context of the visual arts and applies 10X to it. (I say being a passionate Clojurian.) With Clojure and its REPL comes the promise that you dynamically can tweak and form your sketches, as they are running. That’s what this is article is about. There is a Calva context, but things generally apply accross all Clojure editors/IDEs.

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How to mix Clojure and Java code in the same tools-deps project

For whatever reasons, you might sometimes want to develop your program in a mix of Clojure and Java. (Or some other language that compiles to .class files.) This is actually so easy that nobody has bothered with writing up an article on how to do it. At least not for non-Leiningen projects. Until now, because in processing a pull request on Calva, I had reasons to try create a project like this, and I’d like to help you walk a bit straighter of a path than I did.

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