A few words from Agical

Ola Ellnestam

Ola Ellnestam has been fascinated by the combination of computers and people since his early teens. It started when he played River Raid on his friend’s C64. In the beginning, he thought that programming computer games was his Raison d’être, but soon he realized that there was something even more interesting. The dynamics of how computer programs come to life.

In his eagerness to become better at maintaining IT systems, he discovered a way to manage complex code bases. That method is now forever immortalized in the book “The Mikado Method”. If you see him, he’s probably trying to figure out how we can have fun together, while programming.

Do you want to learn more about Ola’s approach to IT systems? How they are made, how they should be kept in good condition or perhaps even how they should be retired with dignity.

If so, put a yellow carnation in your jacket, then contact him with the phrase “An Appedemic seems to be on the way”.

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